Selecting the car radio: step by step

You do not know what car radio should you choose? Here are the questions that you need to to find a car radio tailored to your needs

Every year in the shops there are many new car radios from different classes and categories. We can choose among: radios without the mechanism for playing CDs, radios traditional CDs, as well as advanced multimedia stations with DVD and GPS navigation.

Devices are available in two sizes: the most popular, called 1 DIN, and XXL, conventionally called 2 DIN.

Offered equipment different equipment, and it has a big impact on price. Therefore, selecting the radio in the car, consider which features you will use every day, and that will be useless to us. This way we can avoid buying an expensive model equipped with a solution, which we will not use.

Radio tailored – Which radio is best to build a good sound system in our car? We are viewing the most interesting proposals of the most reputable companies and less well-known brands

Until recently, the one who wanted to buy the possible cheap car radio, had a modest choice: either products little-known companies from China, or much more expensive radios renowned brands. Fortunately the situation, albeit slowly changing. This year will be no more branded products affordable.

Importantly, the new devices are better equipped. It is not difficult for radio with built-in Bluetooth hands-free, allowing to safely use your mobile phone. Finally, there are also the first radio system Mirror Link, so that on the screen, you can operate the key applications in your phone (phonebook, music player, GPS navigation). Before us, therefore, a true revolution.


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