What travel adapter into the plug? Which model to choose?

Travel adapter into the socket is a device for connecting electrical equipment to the local power grid. By choosing to distant country, remember to check whether the visited corner of the world will be able to easily recharge our phone, camera. The device is simply indispensable in everyday functioning.

What’s important, that good travel adapter should work with air conditioner also.

Travel adapter types

When choosing an travel adapter into an outlet, be sure to voltage devices you want to connect was equal to the voltage in the power grid. I suggest you think about which country will use the adapter to choose the right. Types of adapters to the wall:

  • American. Electrical outlets in the US supply voltage between 110 – 120V and 60Hz. While the Polish unit usually work 220 – 230V and 50 Hz. The main difference between the networks is the appearance of the socket and plug. In the US electrical sockets have two flat (rectangular) holes and one round entrance to the grounding pin. Remember that the adapter only allows us to change the shape of the connector. Simple devices: mobile phone, camera, camera, chargers already have a built-in voltage transformer. While the more advanced will need to buy a voltage transformer. Italian.
  • Italian type plugs have an additional round grounding prong, located centrally in line with the two stimuli power. Used in Italy, Chile, Tunisia, Cuba and Ethiopia. Voltage 230 V sockets; 50 Hz.
  • Plugins “British” are three rectangular pins, this earthing is perpendicular to the other. Plugins are often equipped with an internal fuse. In case of difficulties, see if it is blown. Voltage 240V / 220V; 50 Hz.
  • Price universal adapter is slightly higher. Ability to connect even in 150 countries. They are characterized by a very high level of protection with fuse. Manufacturers often offer a so-called. lifetime warranty. Types of power / maximum power: 220 V 1300 W / 110 V – 650 W
picture from travelherstory.com

Included in the package we supplied charger (USB standard plug USA), which can be used separately. The output voltage of 5.0 VDC / 1000mA max. Power supply / maximum power: 100 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz / 200mA. Loading above 1000mA. They have a built-in charge indicator – LED.