Portable aircon – how it works?

More content can be with two-piece air conditioner – split – in which the evaporator is placed in a separate housing combined with other elements of the air conditioner thin tubes. Outdoor unit with noisy components – condenser fan forcing the flow of cooling air compressor him – is placed outside the home. The room is the indoor unit of the evaporator and a quiet fan wprawiającym in motion air circulation. Both units are connected with thin flexible tubes filled with fluid – refrigerant. portable-air-conditionerAlthough in the case of air conditioners portable outdoor unit is usually exposed to the window, so due to the cables, it must remain repealed as when using the device monobloc, but their small diameter makes the gap may be small, and the operation of the air conditioner does not produce negative pressure causes the influx of warm air into the room.
To sum up – split is usually quieter and consumes less energy than air conditioning monobloc offering the same cooling effect.