British plugs

Every foreigner who had opportunity for living in the UK, will say for sure that in this country a lot of things happening a bit the other way around. Starting from the left-hand traffic by distributing hot water from the cold, until the British type electrical outlet coming.

British socket with a switch voltage

Plug in an electric wall socketLet me begin by sheer power outlet flush. In addition, of course, different shaped holes, most outlets have a standard circuit breakers. You may be surprised, because theoretically we rarely need to turn off the voltage in each outlet individually. But on the other hand, this solution is simply practical when you do not need a device to disable it at outlet and ready.

Switches devices with fuses

british-kitchen-switcherMany devices, especially in the kitchen, has its own switch often with additional protection in the form of a fuse, a fuse placed in a drawer under the switch.
You can adjust the fuse to the device and in case of excessive power consumption device is automatically disabled. Devices with higher current consumption (oven, hob) also have their switch, usually a bit bigger and red.

Various types of adapters

travel-adapter-ukDue to the diversity of plugins on the market, you can also buy many different types of adapters for outlets. The cheapest of them are also the simplest. Travel Adapters fuse will already cost a little more, but give greater guarantees of security that our foreign unit will not fail when connected to an electrical outlet. There are also very complex travel adapters, with one adapter can serve us to the jacks on both the type of European, British and American.